BioStat helps you meet operational and regulatory requirements for marine applications and reduce the environmental impact of leakages and spills

Our Liquid Engineers developed the BioStat range to help reduce the environmental impact of operational discharges from stern tube and thruster seals, and maintain the equipment’s reliability.
Castrol BioStat goes through rigorous technical testing. It gives high levels of protection to bearing and gear components, particularly at high loads and low speeds, which can contribute to extended component life and increased reliability compared to conventional mineral based oils. Our Liquid Engineers have selected the esters in Castrol BioStat so you can be confident that the lifespan of elastomer components is not compromised.

By drawing on their knowledge and experience, our Liquid Engineers have developed BioStat to demonstrate superior biodegradation and enhanced renewability, as well as significantly reduced bioaccumulation* and toxicity than conventional mineral based oils. It is OSPAR registered and classified as an EAL by the US 2013 VGP.

For our latest Product Data Sheets and Material Safety Data Sheets, please visit the Directory of Marine Services or find out more information on Castrol BioStat.

* Using OSPAR criteria for assessing bioaccumulation potential of components

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