Air Compressors

Air-compressor lubricants for engine start-up or process and equipment control and expert advice

Castrol combines excellent products with informed advice to help you achieve greater reliability and performance in your rotary screw and reciprocating air compressors. 

Our Liquid Engineers share in-depth knowledge on how our air compressor products can reduce carbon and varnish formation, help protect valves and provide a low-deposit tendency. Our synthetic products can help to reduce your operating costs by providing longer protection for specialised and demanding applications compared to conventional mineral-oil-based products.

Environmental health and safety is a focus for us. That’s why we provide advice on products such as the Castrol Aircol SN range, which we have developed to reduce the risk of downstream fires and explosions.

We recommend our mineral product range, Castrol Aircol PD, for improving the reliability of reciprocating compressors. With excellent water-separation characteristics it helps reduce the risk of the oil separator becoming blocked, prevents corrosion and protects equipment operating in humid conditions. 

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