Specialist Vessels

Our Liquid Engineers have designed high-performance lubricants to help keep specialist vessels operational

The vessels that transport people, support oil exploration, are used for fishing and other maritime tasks have specific lubrication requirements. Castrol has developed products and services to meet the needs of cruise, ferry, off-shore support and fishing concerns. Our presence in 820 ports across 82 countries worldwide means our expert support and guidance has global reach, and the flexible and agile approach of our Liquid Engineers helps solve supply issues as and when they arise.


Solutions to meet the demands of modern four-stroke engine designs

Vessels with four-stroke engines make heavy demands of lubricants because of the temperatures and pressures involved. Reliable products that help maintain engine cleanliness and control wear rates can extend the time between engine overhauls – something that is especially valuable when maintenance budgets are tight. 

At Castrol we have formulated high-quality, high-performance diesel engine solutions with excellent viscosity control and base-number retention to help extend oil life and reduce engine-operating costs. 

The advanced additive technology in Castrol TLX Plus is designed to overcome the adverse conditions experienced by low oil consumption engines. Because it offers the potential to extend overhaul intervals, it can have a real impact on your operating costs.
Castrol MHP can help keep the critical components of engines using distillate fuels clean. So you can reduce maintenance and downtime and improve your operating efficiency. Suitable for engine and transmission systems, it is approved by all major engine builders. 


Castrol has a lubrication product to suit every onboard application

Learn about Castrol’s product ranges for a host of ancillary applications, from hydraulic systems to gearboxes, air compressors to turbines, and more.