Transporting materials and goods around the world demands reliability and efficiency

Our Liquid Engineers understand the need for engine reliability and fuel efficiency for transporting raw materials and finished goods. Developments in two-stroke and four-stroke engine technologies, sophisticated ancillary equipment and changing environmental legislation increase the complexity of technical fleet management. By working closely with fleet managers, superintendent engineers and purchasing managers, we formulate lubricant solutions to meet the different onboard needs of container ships, bulk carriers, tankers and other large vessels. 


Our range of cylinder oils with advanced additive technology is formulated to meet every operational condition

Two-stroke engines face real lubrication challenges due to varying fuel sulphur levels, feed rate optimisation requirements and especially given the current need for slow-steaming. Cylinder liners and piston rings, particularly, risk being damaged when vessels operate at slow speeds to conserve fuel. Getting the right balance of feed rate, fuel sulphur and lubricant Base Number (BN) is essential to prevent costly damage and downtime. 

We have formulated our Cyltech cylinder oil range to give your engines first-class, cost-effective protection against corrosive and mechanical wear in a range of operating conditions.


Solutions to meet the demands of modern four-stroke engine designs

Vessels with four-stroke engines burning heavy fuels demand a lot of their lubricants because of the temperatures and pressures involved. Reliable products that help maintain engine cleanliness and control wear rates can extend the time between engine overhauls – something that is especially valuable when maintenance budgets are tight. 

At Castrol we have formulated high-quality, high-performance diesel engine solutions with excellent viscosity control and base-number retention to help extend oil life and reduce engine-operating costs. 

The advanced additive technology in Castrol TLX Plus is designed to overcome the adverse conditions experienced by low oil consumption engines. It offers the potential to extend overhaul intervals, making a real impact on your operating costs. 

Castrol MHP can help keep the critical components of engines using distillate fuels clean. So you can reduce maintenance and downtime and improve your operating efficiency. Suitable for engine and transmission systems, it is approved by all major engine builders. 


Castrol has a lubrication product to suit every onboard application.

Castrol will help you find the right product for every application onboard your ship, tanker or vessel, from hydraulic systems to gearboxes, air compressors to turbines, and many other applications.