CAREMAX™ Services

Castrol CAREMAX™ Used Oil Analysis Services helps fleet owners, ship operators and managers protect operational reliability

CAREMAX, Castrol’s laboratory analysis of used oil samples, helps to improve lubricant performance, increase the reliability of engines and shipboard machinery and protect the performance and profitability of vessels and fleets. 

Our experts help you stay one step ahead of potential downtime with Used Oil Analysis data supported by technical commentaries, all based on your specific vessel/fleet history, lubricant performance and formulations.

Caremax ™ is a key component to further optimise your asset/vessel, helping to prevent unscheduled downtime, unnecessary repairs and maintenance through pre-emptive remedial action.


Castrol CAREMAX™ Digital is our innovative, cloud-based portal that gives you online visibility of your Used Oil Analysis (UOA). CAREMAX™ Digital enables you to make informed interventions which mitigate potential future risks and help you find new efficiencies across your entire fleet. Featuring:
  • INTUITIVE DASHBOARD AND INBOX – allows your chief engineers, superintendents and fleet managers to tailor what they need to see the most.
  • OPTIMISED ANALYSIS AND REPORTING – to help prevent potential equipment failure, avoid unnecessary downtime and ensure you’re operating at optimum performance.
  • FLEXIBLE SYSTEM SOFTWARE – to ensure the right people have the right information, at the right time – all in one place.

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