Who we are

As a brand, we have always gone further, as ours is history driven by innovation. Founded by Charles “Cheers” Wakefield, Castrol’s reputation for breaking new ground spans more than a century. It was Wakefield himself who took an interest in developing lubricants for two newly emerged motorised contraptions, the automobile and aeroplane, in around 1899. It was a visionary idea that went beyond anything that had ever been seen before. And a pioneering approach that would go from strength to strength over the next hundred years.


As a customer orientated business, our passion pushes us to deliver the very best.
Stacey Chen


A rich history

It was our sponsorship that was the first to appear at competitive aviation events, auto races and land speed record attempts – record attempts we helped break 21 times. It was Castrol lubricants that powered the launch of the Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s largest ocean-going passenger liner. It was our oil that helped Concorde reach speeds of up to Mach 2. We’ve been the long-trusted technical partner for the world’s most demanding motorsport teams and it’s that partnership that drove Ford to success at Le Mans. Our lubricants have sent NASA’s shuttles into space and the Curiosity rover to Mars. Yet still, we push boundaries. We continue to go beyond.
At Castrol, you’ll find real experts driven by a restless passion to go beyond.
Dave Hall


Made for greatness

We’ve gone from being a small, family-run business to becoming a world-famous lubricant marketer. We’ve seen great things happen. And we’ve made great things happen, together. While our reach is global, we’re still one family, connected by a passion to protect and build upon a rich brand legacy created more than a century ago. We have some of the best talent in the industry, collaborating across a vast range of high-performing, fast-paced functions. And it helps us to keep pushing in every market. To reach higher. To achieve more. It’s what makes a future with us so compelling. And it’s what makes us believe in everything we do.

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