Castrol Tection DD Monograde

Protection for 2-stroke Diesel Engines

Castrol Tection DD Monograde is a high performance diesel engine oil, specially formulated for use in Detroit Diesel 2-Stroke engines, operating with diesel fuels up to 0.5% maximum sulphur.


  • Protection against deposit formation. 2-stroke engines are very sensitive to deposits which can form on the exhaust valves, leading to burnt valves, a loss in engine power and if unchecked, to complete engine failure. Castrol Tection DD Monograde has a special low ash-forming formulation to minimise deposit build-up, this ensures efficient engine operation and longer engine life.
  • Protection against wear. Castrol Tection DD Monograde contains advanced anti-wear additives to protect against premature engine failure from wear, therefore reducing maintenance costs.

Specifications / Performance

  • SAE 40
  • API CF/CF-2
  • Sulphated ash 0.8% weight maximum
  • Suitable for use in DD Series 149 engines