Castrol Agri MP Plus 10W-30

Super Tractor Oil Universal

One oil that delivers high performance and protection for engine, transmission, wet brakes, hydraulic and front axles.


  • One oil simplifies servicing, avoiding misapplication
  • One oil reduces inventory, saving money
  • Excellent cold start protection reduces engine wear
  • Using an advanced formulation, Castrol Agri MP Plus reduces engine wear by up to 30% compared to conventional STOU products

Specifications and Performance

  • SAE 10W-30
  • API CF-4/SF
  • API GL-4
  • Massey Ferguson CMS M1144, M1139
  • JDM J-27, suitable for use where J-20C is specified
  • Meets Ford M2C86-A, M2C134-B&C, M2C159-B
  • Case MS1207