Hot rods, cool heads and a taste for victory. Over the past 30 years, Team Castrol has achieved an unprecedented level of NHRA success, with our drivers winning 374 tour events and 24 series championships—the stuff of dynasties. And the future has never looked better. Team Castrol continues to win and build upon the legacy of liquid engineering.

Ready to join our team? The Castrol Liquid Engineering Crew lets you stay in touch with John Force Racing, get performance tips from experts, and you can even earn Castrol Credits for great Castrol gear.
Visit to join!
Here’s a look at what you’ll find: 
  • Castrol Crew Community – the ultimate automotive message board, where you can share ideas, experiences and get advice from other racing enthusiasts
  • Team Castrol detailed driver bios – get to know the past, present and future champions of the NHRA
  • Racing Alerts – up-to-date information on all of the latest news and upcoming races
  • “The Lab” – a great blog and resource for racing enthusiasts, filled with hints and tips on vehicle maintenance and how to keep your car running at its best
  • Castrol Credits – as a member of the Castrol Crew you can give input or participate in our discussion boards for the chance to earn Castrol Credits, which can be cashed in for great Castrol gear.


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