Off-Road Engine Oils

Castrol® Duratec™ LFG

Excellent siloxane control and acid neutralization to safely extend drain intervals, lower oil consumption and increase head life

Castrol® Duratec™ HPL

Safely extending drain intervals while keeping the engine clean. 

Castrol® Duratec™ L

Proven protection for high-speed 4-stroke natural-gas engines.

Castrol® Duratec™ A

Proven protection for 2-stroke and select 4 stroke natural-gas engines.

Castrol® Hypuron™ 15W-40

The market-leading extended-drain oil, safely allowing fleets to run up to 50,000-mile drain intervals.

Castrol® Hypuron™ Advanced Formula 10W-30

This advanced formula can extend your drain intervals all the way to 70,000 miles*.

Castrol® Assuron™ 10 30 & 10 40

High-performance, straight-grade, heavy-duty engine oils that are extremely resistant to high temperature deposits.

Castrol® Tection® Extra 15W-40

Modern engines run under harsher conditions than ever before. That's why Castrol Tection Extra is engineered to deliver 12 benefits in 1.

Castrol® Tection® HD 10W-30

Effectively disperses soot particles to protect against soot-related wear and deposits.