Delivery Options

Helping to optimize your performance by ensuring that you’re free to focus on your core business, knowing that we’re taking responsibility for your lubricant supply.

The availability of consumables and supplies is essential to your business – which is why we’re committed to ensuring continuity of supply, while offering you tailored solutions that give you a range of reliable and flexible delivery options. Security of supply is critical to ensure process efficiency and consistency for your operations around the world. At Castrol, we strive to provide your business with a service that sets us apart from the competition and helps you maintain business excellence. 

Our worldwide footprint and delivery service offers are designed to allow for reliable and continuous availability of lubricants, while providing a rapid response to unexpected challenges surrounding your lubricant demands. 

To find out more, or to hear about more specific service offers available in your area, contact your local sales representatives or customer service agent. 

Delivery options

At Castrol, the knowledge and understanding of our Liquid Engineers helps form the advice and guidance that can offer you first-class lubricant technology and distribution options. By connecting with us and our broad distribution network, you can be sure that the service you’re receiving is reliable and responsive. 

Our team of global specialists are here to offer you information designed to help you reduce operating costs, cut environmental emissions, enhance safety levels and improve product quality. This is why thousands of public and private-sector organizations rely on us for their every lubricant need.

Castrol’s scheduled deliveries by our fully trained drivers can provide qualified guidance and advice as to the safe storage of your lubricants. Whether it’s full truck loads, less than truck loads, full truck tankers, mini bulk delivery or IBC pumped deliveries, we’re on hand wherever and whenever you’re operating. You can also rely on us to provide correct documentation with every load, including any requests for Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Conformity or Material Safety Data Sheets.

Mini bulk

Mini bulk is a form of secondary distribution, executed by multi-compartment road tankers, loaded from plant bulk storage tanks or, in some cases IBCs, and delivered by pumping product from the road tanker into the customer’s tank. Multiple deliveries are executed by trip, using pumping and metering equipment. The duration of trips can vary from one to seven days, and the limit to mini bulk is typically up to 5,000l drop size.

Collection in person

Our flexible approach means that customers can also collect designated stock items from our warehouses.

Emergency deliveries

At Castrol we know that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes catch us out, but our emergency delivery service is on hand to ensure that your supply remains unaffected and that your business continues to function uninterrupted. 


Products can be ordered from stock or made to order depending on your location or product type. Lead times and minimum order quantities will depend on the mode of delivery, product type and the distance of the customer from the supply point. Orders can be placed in multiple ways, including email and via our delivery portal. Again, our dedicated Customer Service team can help you with queries relating to supply and delivery options.