Gear oils

Castrol offers a comprehensive range of gear oils to suit every application across a wide range of industries, covering the performance spectrum enabled by mineral and synthetic base oils.

These range from general-purpose products offering cost effective solutions to products which meet the most demanding applications in the toughest of conditions. We can help you prolong gear life, obtain optimum gear performance, lower maintenance costs and boost productivity in your operations. 

Castrol gear oils have been rigorously tested in both laboratory and operating conditions, in close collaboration with leading gear and machinery manufacturers and proven over many years of field experience.

Alpha Range

Formulated to provide all-round performance and good anti-scuff protection in enclosed gear drives.

Alphasyn Range

Offers good thermal stability and resistance to oxidation, up to the highest load carrying capacities. 

Molub-Alloy Range

Recommended for spur, helical, herringbone and straight or spiral bevel gears.

Optigear Range

Offers maximum wear protection in the toughest of environments.