Technical Advice from Castrol Power Generation

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers work tirelessly to keep pace with industry innovations to ensure that the lubricant solutions we offer help you optimize your operational performance.

At Castrol, our Liquid Engineers can provide you with sustainable and cutting-edge solutions that help you utilize and exploit the very latest in green energy production in order to  meet ever increasing demand.. 

We have been working closely with the Energy  industry in terms of research and developing and improving processes with customers, suppliers and other key industry groups. Alongside our parent company, BP, Castrol remains committed to the development of this key industry and the improvement of lubrication, production techniques and safety. Our Liquid Engineers come from a broad range of backgrounds in the industry and so understand the challenges you face, which means we can provide trusted technical advice when and where you need it.

We work closely with our customers to provide tailored services built around their strategic needs. We know that continually increasing productivity and improving protection are crucial if you’re to maintain a competitive edge, but at the same time we acknowledge that keeping up with technological advancements and ever-changing global and regional legislation isn’t always easy. Like you, we know downtime can be a major problem, with maintenance a potentially costly business both in terms of finances and time. It’s something you can’t afford, so it’s something that we consistently work to help you avoid to ensure your machinery runs efficiently and to a high standard. Many of our technical solutions directly aid the Wind industry.

We can advise you on the most suitable products for your specific needs. We work with some of the largest brands in the industry to achieve high quality, high productivity and lower costs to help ensure our products reach you on time, within budget and in a sustainable manner.

In addition, we utilize Castrol’s 13 technology centers to supplement our worldwide offerings with a local touch and support you when it comes to best use and risk assessment. The technical advice of our Liquid Engineers has been proven to help customers overcome challenges such as downtime and supply disruption.