Castrol has developed its lubricant products to meet the needs in all four of the industry’s areas: basic or commodity chemicals; life sciences; speciality chemicals and consumer products.

Our Liquid Engineers face many challenges in this field, particularly as lubricants need to withstand the dilution effects of hydrocarbons, yet still provide adequate lubrication – especially when used to compress feedstocks.

For more specialist chemical resistance (e.g. to highly reactive oxidizers and fuels) to strong acids and alkalis, reactive gases are required.

Our experts also know that low or even no solubility and chemical inertness at high temperatures are required for oxygen, chlorine-based oxidants, organic and inorganic oxidizing agents, concentrated hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid and kerosene.

Our aim is to help the industry overcome these challenges, allowing your operations to run as efficiently as possible.
For your applications, the following products are recommended by our Liquid Engineers:


Recommended Products

Hydrocarbon Gas Compressors


For ethylene compressors formulated with additives that are compliant with H1 registration and kosher certification.


Synthetic-based compressor oils have a much lower ethylene gas solubility than white-oil-based oils, and this not only improves the lubrication in the compressor but also reduces oil consumption significantly.

Non-reactive Lubricants


Inert to virtually all chemicals, and safe to use in direct contact with oxidants such as LOX/GOX and chlorine. They are suitable for use as gear, pump and general-purpose lubricating oils where direct or indirect contact with aggressive chemicals, oxidants and low temperatures are routine.


Used in gears, ball and roller bearings, electrical contacts, and as thread and elastomer lubricant. Particularly useful as a lubricant in corrosive or oxygen (LOX/GOX) service and as a plug-valve lubricant.


Further enhanced with corrosion inhibitors required in certain applications.