Surface Production

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have developed a comprehensive global portfolio of products, supported by expert technical services, which help to ensure reliability and optimized efficiency for surface production operations

Equipment reliability is an essential factor in providing an efficient and safe surface production operation. Castrol’s Liquid Engineers will work with you to employ a complete lubrication solution for your current or new build assets, to help minimize risks and ensure maximum uptime.

We will work closely with your teams providing continuous world-renowned technical support throughout the project’s life: starting from a new asset design through to the operational stage and beyond. Our technical experts are always on hand to co-develop a lubrication schedule for your new or existing assets. They will recommend and select the most appropriate products for the equipment defined by an asset design, following OEM recommendations and based on known operating conditions and environmental requirements, helping you to simplify the product portfolio. 

Leveraging our well-established global supply chain and local distributor network we will coordinate product availability according to agreed lubrication schedules in any location you build or produce.

Our global product range has been developed to meet the unique challenges of the exploration and production industry. We offer high performance and bio lubricants to help you drive operational efficiency and comply with the existing global environmental legislation.

Talk to our Liquid Engineers about:
  • Advanced lubricant technology for operational efficiency and equipment life extension
  • Castrol Bio lubricants range
  • Our experience in Oil & Gas industry and case studies
  • Expert field services
  • How we manage supply in remote locations
  • Relationships with original equipment manufacturers
  • Participation in Oil & Gas conferences and other industry events