Castrol LabCheck

Castrol LabCheck is your access to fluid condition analysis, to optimize fluid performance and improve productivity.

Our unrivalled lubricant  expertise means Castrol LabCheck can deliver analysis services for the broadest range of products

Fluid analysis reveals key information about the condition and performance of products and equipment. An effective monitoring program helps avoid unnecessary downtime  and machinery failures which improves productivity and performance.

Castrol LabCheck’s expertise goes beyond sample testing. Our technical teams have field operational experience throughout mining . We recognize and solve problems for customers globally.  Castrol Labcheck results are available online, so you can access information anytime from anywhere in the world.  

Lubricant advantages

  • Comprehensive monitoring plans help increase machinery availability and reliability
  • Monitoring oil and machine condition by running a series of tests permits more effective and optimised oil change frequency
  • Regular analysis helps identify trends within the fluid which can then provide early indication of potential problems

Metalworking fluid advantages

  • Control of metalworking fluids ensures optimum performance and increases process efficiency
  • Analysis of physical and chemical properties monitors parameters that influence system performance
  • Regular monitoring controls unwanted microbial growth and maintains a healthy workplace

The benefits of on-line analysis

  • All reporting information is available for tracking and monitoring performance
  • Following the fourth routine sample, results will be trended and available graphically for easier reference
  • Trending specific parameters will provide better overview of system and/or machine performance
  • Technical recommendations will be given whenever analysis results are outside the agreed limits
  • Choice of reporting methods – from traffic light warnings to straightforward data only
  • Retrieval of reports online as soon as Castrol LabCheck analysis is completed
  • Choice of formats for file download
  • All reports (current and historic) are stored in one easily accessible location

Two levels of analysis to suit every customer

  • Castrol LabCheck – Standard: Routine laboratory analysis supported by specific technical recommendations stored and accessible on-line. Provides assurance that the fluid is maintained within agreed control limits.
  • Castrol LabCheck – Advanced: Offers a more comprehensive insight into fluid condition by monitoring a wider range of critical parameters to enhance your system or machinery performance.
If you would like more information about Castrol LabCheck, or to discuss the service with one of our experts, get in touch with us.