Operational Advice

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers know how essential it is for you to proactively prepare and react to the needs and demands of your industry – so our lubrication solutions are tailored to optimize performance within budget.

We recognize that the choices you make when it comes to equipment and application lubrication solutions, suppliers and distributors can mean the difference between frustrating downtime and a metals site  that’s performing at its optimum.  

Our Liquid Engineers are experienced across the various sectors of the Metal industry and we’re trained to not only recognize the challenges you face but also help you find the right lubrication solutions to overcome them.

We know you get satisfaction from the smooth running of your metalworking operations. Bottlenecks in the production process can decrease productivity and increase costs, which is why you’re constantly looking at new and innovative ways to reduce the cost of your operations. You feel a sense of satisfaction when your metals site  is running smoothly, with maintenance and safety issues kept to an absolute minimum.

This is why our Liquid Engineers are on hand to offer operations specialists like you lubrication products, solutions, services and industry training that can help you achieve greater operational efficiency. We can help you find the right products to meet your needs and your budget and implement new technologies to help reduce downtime.

Trust and close collaboration is key, and by choosing Castrol you’ll be joining hundreds of some of the biggest companies that already trust our advice. With close collaboration, we can help you achieve greater uptime, leaving you free to focus on core activities such as driving performance and  supervising your broad range of employees and contractors. 

We can also keep you up-to-date with the latest product information, legislation listings and training opportunities.