CAREMAX™ Water Test Kit

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers know that water contamination is common, which is why CAREMAX™ Water Test Kit is designed to check your oils quickly to help reduce downtime and failure.

We know that water contamination onboard ships can cause corrosion, instability of lubricant additive packages and microbe growth that can lead to machinery failure, downtime and significant costs.

CAREMAX™ Water Test Kit can identify, and help you to prevent, these potentially damaging occurances from taking place. It is a ‘pressure-cell-type’ piece of equipment featuring an easy-to-read dial that indicates the level of water contamination. This analysis allows lubricating oils to be checked quickly and accurately for the presence of water, and enables the close monitoring of critical or particularly vulnerable items of machinery and equipment. Water testing is essential when it comes to maintenance, protection and the prevention of damage and can help you reduce the risk of failure and downtime.

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