CAREMAX™ Stern Tube – Specialist Stern Tube Oil Analysis

Castrol CAREMAX™ Stern Tube analysis service is designed to monitor the condition of stern tubes so that decisions to defer tail-shaft inspections and therefore help customers minimize cost can be made.

Our experts create a stern tube oil analysis report after testing key components such as viscocity, water content, acidity and key elemental analysis. This assessment leads to subsequent advice where results exceed the guidance limits set by the appropriate classification society.* 

Reports are easy to read and contain an overall summary of the condition of the oil and equipment.
Like you, we know that monitoring stern tube lubricating oil is a key factor in the assessment of tail-shaft condition, and that it is vitally important that representative sampling be achieved from the correct part of the system at the right time.

We also recognize that the costs of undertaking dry docking for a tail-shaft inspection can be high. Regular and planned stern tube analysis is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the relevant classification society and can play an important role in minimizing these charges.

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*A sample result that exceeds limits does not automatically mean that the vessel requires tail-shaft withdrawal. A classification society surveyor has the discretion to defer a physical survey if the condition-monitoring information contains anomalous results.