Caremax Oil Monitor

Castrol’s experts have developed a laboratory-based service that enables customers to effectively manage on-board lubricants through expert analysis and support.

The CAREMAX™ Oil Monitor service provides a detailed analysis of oil condition and its suitability for future use. Furthermore, expert commentary reports provide vital insights into vessel machinery and equipment.

The service includes access to a comprehensive computer database that holds all your personal results, allowing ongoing trend analysis. 

Insightful and accurate interpretation of results is a vital component of Castrol’s oil-analysis service. Our specialists draw upon their marine lubrication expertise and familiarity with your vessels and machinery to interpret your results and compare to data provided by relevant OEMs, our own database and industry best practice.

We work with you to help optimize and maintain lubricant performance, maximize the reliability of engines and shipboard machinery and protect the performance and profitability of vessels and fleets.

Contact us if you would like more information about CAREMAX™ Oil Monitor Test Kit, or to discuss the service with one of our experts.