CAREMAX™ Machinery Health Monitor

Advanced used oil analysis focused on monitoring overall machine condition to provide significant benefits to ships’ engineers.

The CAREMAX™ Machinery Health Monitor service combines detailed ferrographic analysis and particle wear concentration with the physical and elemental analysis provided by Castrol CAREMAX™ Oil Monitor.

CAREMAX™ Machinery Health Monitor is a preventative option for customers who want to use oil analysis to get deeper insight into the condition of their vessel’s machinery.

Our expert service works with ships’ engineers to identify the items of machinery and equipment under stress and which components are particularly vulnerable. We can then plan maintenance programs to minimize disruption so that sailing schedules and voyage plans are not compromised.

We can also help you take action to avoid possible breakdowns, reduce the risk of serious failure and secondary damage and extend the time between maintenance schedules, which can reduce costs.

Contact us if you would like more information about CAREMAX™ Machinery Health Monitor, or to discuss the service with one of our experts.