Two Stroke

Castrol has a range of cylinder oils with advanced additive technology formulated to meet every operational condition.

We recognize that slow steaming, varying fuel sulfur levels and feed-rate optimization are among the challenges you face when it comes to cylinder lubrication in today’s complex marine world.

An imbalance between feed rate, fuel sulfur and lubricant Base Number (BN) can lead to costly engine damage. Finding the right balance to control the risks of cylinder liner and piston ring damage is particularly challenging when vessels are slow steaming.

We believe that offering a range of cylinder lubricants gives every customer the opportunity to choose the product solution that provides optimum protection for every engine, depending on the operating condition.

We’ve applied our knowledge and experience to our Cyltech cylinder oils, a range of specialist lubricants that perform at the highest levels and provide your engines with cost-effective protection against corrosive and mechanical wear. 

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