ECA Legislation

Raising awareness of how regulatory changes to Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will affect key decisions for international trading vessels.

2015 will be a critical year for the marine sector. Significant changes to environmental legislation around emissions and fuel types mean you may have to adapt to a more complex operating environment with new procedures and specific products for ECA operation being required.   

From 2015 fuel sulfur levels in ECA’s will be restricted to <0.1% Sulfur unless scrubbing technology is in use.
By 2020, the time spent in ECAs by international trading vessels could double. Castrol can help you to understand how to minimize the impact of these regulatory changes on your fleet and business.
Castrol knows that best practice starts with awareness.  As always, we want to support you as you meet the daily challenges of the marine industry. This includes changes to legislation which will affect you in the lead up to 2015, and beyond.