Purchasing Advice from Castrol Machinery

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers know how critical it is for machinery buyers to access the latest information to make informed business decisions, which is why we offer expert advice alongside our market-leading solutions.

We know that our machinery customers want good products offering good value. This is why we spend significant resource to understand our customers’ specific needs and create value through our products and offers. Each year, our products are benchmarked against the best in the industry.

Our Liquid Engineers are available to assist you in matching the right lubricant solutions and greases to meet your specific needs, all sourced within the timelines and budgets that your business demands. We know that variables are constantly changing in meeting your deadlines, which is why we also provide you with valuable information, such as case studies and white papers, and can support the development of your lubrication schedule.

We also know that procurement can depend on a range of factors, and that you need to make informed buying decisions, that are not only within budget, but also minimize risk and ensure continuity of supply and operations.

This is why we work with your procurement team to help you achieve the best-value deal and to ensure we’re helping to optimize performance in a safe, reliable and sustainable manner. 

With account managers on hand whenever and wherever you need them, we can enable you to focus on what you’re best at – getting the best service possible for your business at a fair price.