Operational Advice from Castrol Machinery

You’re constantly looking for ways to improve your workshop and Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are committed to helping you optimize performance.

Production bottlenecks can be costly and damaging, which is why our Liquid Engineers are committed to helping you keep them to an absolute minimum at a cost that you can afford.
With vast experience in the Machinery industry, our Liquid Engineers are trained to recognize the main barriers that challenge the efficiency of your operations, and offer the most suitable lubrication solutions to overcome them.

We know that innovation is critical, and we appreciate that the future success of your Manufacturing operations is reliant on the harnessing of cutting-edge technology. The choices you make when it comes to equipment, solutions and industry suppliers and distributors can mean the difference between meeting exacting production standards and a workshop that’s failing to deliver. Like us, you feel a sense of satisfaction when that workshop and the people involved in it are performing to their absolute optimum and we know as well as you the value that a committed, skilled and enthusiastic workforce can bring. 

That’s why we offer high-performance lubrication products, solutions, services and industry training to help you tackle these obstacles and more in a safe and sustainable manner.

We use a dedicated technical and field-based team to bring product excellence across a range of market sectors. We continually look to improve our expertise and knowledge, bring complete solutions to a range of customers’ needs and requirements.

The advice we offer is trusted by some of the biggest Manufacturing companies in the world and with close collaboration, we can help you achieve greater uptime and reduced costs.

It’s impossible to avoid risks, but our team knows what it takes to help to minimize them, and with that in hand, you can focus on managing resources and developing and harnessing innovation.

We can also keep you up to date with the latest product information, legislation listings and training opportunities online.