Condition based maintenance is one of the most effective strategies to combat machine breakdown.

Castrol Predict uses advanced analytical ferrography to analyze used oil and help you to predict component failures and allows maintenance to be scheduled without loss of production.

Traditional used oil analysis has incomplete wear metals profile and limited information on machine condition.

Castrol Predict is an advanced wear particle analysis service that uses analytical ferrography to determine the exact nature of all particles present. By monitoring many different indicators, sampling provides accurate condition trending, providing the earliest warning of potential component failure in oil lubricated machinery and pinpointing specific failing components.

Ferrography is the key

Ferrography is one of the most powerful used oil analysis techniques, identifying the exact nature of all particles present e.g. steel from a gear tooth, copper from a bearing bush. This information produces a trend illustrating the type, size and number of particles present, highlighting individual particle increases to predict abnormal wear.

Castrol Predict has dedicated analysts whose level of skill is unrivalled in the industry. They have access to a comprehensive database of ferrography analysis that allows for objective comparisons.

Castrol Predict’s unique microscopic wear monitoring has helped companies minimize maintenance costs and maximize plant profitability.

Maintains profits as well as machines

  • Avoids unplanned machine stops and consequent production losses
  • Increases overall plant profitability
  • Encourages accurate maintenance scheduling
  • Increases component life
  • Reduces spares inventory
  • Decreases total maintenance costs
  • Optimizes lubricant life
  • Monitors condition of machinery
If you would like more information about Castrol Predict, or to discuss the service with one of our experts, get in touch with us.