Expert solutions to help press shop productions to run more efficiently, supporting minimal downtime and maximum cost management against changing demands.

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers design and deliver solutions which help to improve the process efficiency of your press shop operations. 

We know that you need to stay flexible enough to respond to process modification needs if you are to produce the increasing variations of models the market demands. We also recognize that weight reduction and improved crash resistance are key targets, and that processing parts with high-strength steel results can challenge performance and tool life.

To help you tackle these challenges, we combine best in-class products and highly-experienced technical support with strong relations to the leading machine-tool manufacturers and automotive OEMs to create solutions to meet your specifications and requirements. This can help to maximize efficiency by reducing downtime as well as rework, scrap and maintenance demands.

Our solutions are also designed to help you reduce your environmental impact. Better waste reduction and chemical recycling options can help you meet compliance standards, target costs and improve process efficiency.

For your press & body operations, the following products come recommended by our Liquid Engineers:


Recommended product

Steel mill applied corrosion protection and lubrication

Solutions for protecting the steel and the zinc coating from corrosion during transportation and storage and provision of enhanced lubrication for the deformation process


Our portfolio of corrosion preventives includes neat oils offering excellent corrosion protection to all grades of uncoated and coated steel, particularly suitable for electro galvanized surfaces. 


Our comprehensive Iloform range includes prelube and hot melt solutions developed specifically to cope with the latest requirements for the variety of steel coatings used within todays automotive press shops.

Coil- and blank-washing

Solutions for removing particle contamination from pre-processing and homogenizing the oil coating


Castrol’s Iloform blankwash fluids are fully compatible with the full variety of steel coatings, washer arrangements and wringer roller composites used within current automotive press shops.

Metal forming operations

Solutions designed specifically for press shop operations


Our extensive Iloform range includes fully process compatible product offers for typical press shop operations, such as drawing and stamping and hydroforming. Excellent lubrication properties support long tool and die life, whilst maintaining high-surface finish and helping to improve your environmental profile.

Corrosion protection

Solutions for protecting steel and zinc coating from corrosion during CKD transportation and storage


Our portfolio of corrosion preventives includes neat oils offering excellent corrosion protection to all grades of uncoated and coated steel, particularly suitable for electro galvanized surfaces, such as outer skin panels and components.

Maintenance lubrication

A comprehensive range of lubricants and greases for multiple applications.

Gear Oils


High quality lubricants based on highly refined mineral oil, enhanced with sulfur/phosphorus extreme pressure additive technology, providing outstanding thermal stability and high load carrying capacity.


With Microflux Trans Plastic Deformation technology, our Optigear range offers long-term or life-time lubrication, even when subjected to difficult conditions. Optigear has been formulated to help extend equipment life and protect against future damage.

Hydraulic Oil


Castrol’s Hyspin range has been engineered to help prolong the life of your hydraulic systems and boost productivity. Based on highly refined mineral oil and enhanced with rust and oxidation inhibitors, Hyspin offers unbeatable protection against yellow metal and ferrous components.

Slideway Oils


Our range of high quality additive-free oils possessing inherently good resistance to oxidation and good demulsification properties, suitable for the lubrication of slideways.


High performance demulsifying slideway lubricants.  For use on all horizontal and vertical slideways where a high quality demulsifying lubricant is required for slideway protection and to maximize coolant life, whilst the outstanding frictional characteristics of the products prevents stick-slip, improving surface finish and tolerances of machined components and reducing rejection rates.

Compressor oil


Range for use in all types of air compressor, especially reciprocating and rotary screw compressors operating under severe or normal conditions.

Spindle oil

Hyspin Spindle Range

Lubrication of high speed and precision machine tool spindle bearings. Good hydraulic performance helps maintain high precision in spindle applications

Multi-Purpose High Performance greases


Our high performance Molub-Alloy 860 grease range is designed to extend the service life of bearings in heavy-duty applications and at elevated temperatures. Lubricating solids protect parts despite shock loads and boundary conditions. 


Our range of lithium based greases containing  Microflux Trans (MFT) additive technology provides optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction even under extremes of pressure, vibration, shock loads, at high or low speeds or varying micro-smoothing of the friction surfaces.


Extremely water-resistant high-performance semi-fluid greases featuring excellent corrosion protection as well as a high resistance to detergents and caustic soda.

Multi-Purpose greases


Multi-purpose range of grease that provides reliable performance in a wide variety of applications.

Spindle Grease


Synthetic high performance grease for high speed spindles with excellent mechanical and shear stability and resistance against interactions with metalworking fluid emulsions/water.