Purchasing Advice from Castrol Aerospace

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are committed to helping you find specific lubrication solutions to keep your operations running smoothly and on budget, as well as offering value-added technical advice and more.

We know that all customers want good products that offer good value. We know you’re under pressure to meet your key performance indicators (KPIs) and deliver within budget and on deadline. 

This is why Castrol spends significant resource to understand our customers’ needs and create value for them through our products and offers. 

Our Liquid Engineers appreciate the crucial role that procurement plays in the Aerospace industry. Delays and subsequent downtime can have a devastating impact on budgets and operational efficiency, which is why we assist you in matching high-quality metal working fluids and  lubricants to meet your specific needs, all sourced within your timelines and budget. 

We work with your procurement team to help you achieve the best deal available and support you to optimize performance in safe, reliable and sustainable manner.

From attentive account management and fair value on product versus price, to reliable quality and the successful implementation of new processes and compliance assurances, our Liquid Engineers will provide everything you need. This includes valuable information contained in case studies and white papers, to help you make the best buying decisions wherever you are in the world, whenever you need to make them.