Operational Advice from Castrol Aerospace

You need to keep costs under control whilst striving to reduce downtime and increase productivity – and Castrol’s Liquid Engineers can help you tackle the challenges you face by offering advanced lubricant solutions.

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers know that your Aerospace operations are reliant on combining considered decision-making with expert solutions.

With considerable experience of working in the Aerospace industry, we recognize the barriers when it comes to the efficiency of your operations and can offer lubricant solutions to overcome them. We know you’re constantly aware of the impact that bottlenecks in the production process can have on your operations, and how costly and potentially damaging these can be.
These obstacles can slow productivity, which doesn’t help when you’re under pressure to deliver cost savings while attempting to limit disruptions and improve your efficiency.

That’s why our Liquid Engineers offer high-performance lubrication products, solutions, services and industry training to ease the pressure and keep your production processes running smoothly. By assisting you in finding the most suitable products to meet your needs and budget, we can help you keep a tight rein on cost whilst ensuring that optimal performance is maintained in an environment that is workforce friendly. 

Cost is key, but we also know the difference that a highly skilled and well-motivated workforce can make. By helping you provide an atmosphere that’s conducive to excellence, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your staff are as committed to high performance as we are. 

To achieve this, we use a dedicated technical and field-based team to bring production excellence to your  market sector. We continually look to improve our expertise and knowledge, bringing complete solutions to a range of customer needs and requirements.

Our advice is trusted by hundreds of the biggest companies in the world, and with close collaboration, we can help you to achieve greater uptime and business confidence in your operations. 

We can also keep you up to date with the latest product information, legislation listings and training opportunities online.