Castrol continues to provide equipment-enhancing products and services designed specifically for overcoming the challenges of the vacuum environment.

With 35 years’ experience of providing solutions for the Aerospace industry, Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are well placed when it comes to meeting the challenges of the vacuum environment.

We know that your equipment needs to function in volatile conditions and that application performance is crucial when facing evaporative weight loss at high temperatures, vapor pressure and/or low temperatures. 

This is why Castrol’s experts continue to carry out research and development to provide the analysis our customers need to determine the best lubrication solutions for critical and non-critical applications. Typical areas of use include the lubrication of ball bearings, roller bearings, linear motion components, key miniature bearings, sinter bearings, lead screws, vacuum pumps, valves, wafer lifts and process chamber shutters.

Our perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants in particular are the lowest outgassing and volatility lubricants on the market. Castrol Brayco 815 Z, for example, combines a pour point below -70°C, ASTM E595 outgassing results of <1.0% Total Mass Loss and <.01% Collectible Volatile Condensable Materials at 125°C and 10-5 torr vacuum. It has been successfully used in many manned and unmanned missions in earth orbit, as well as missions to the Moon and to Mars.

Braycote is part of our Brayco line of low outgassing and low-volatility lubricants, which have been proven to enhance equipment functions by virtually eliminating lubricant outgassing and greatly reducing the formation of particulates and chemical reactions. These PFPE lubricants are ideal for vacuum, cleanroom and reactive chemical (e.g. oxygen) environments and applications. They are LOX/GOX compatible, exhibit a strong resistance to most chemicals, acids and bases and are not soluble in jet fuel and rocket applications.

What’s more, our Liquid Engineers have developed the Castrol Fluoroclean HE and Fluoroclean X-100 solvents which are designed to clean our PFPE lubricants.

Whatever your vacuum requirements, we can help you find the right solution and offer services and training – all of which are committed to the HSE improvement process – to meet your specific needs.
The following products are recommended by our Liquid Engineers for the varied needs of your operations:


Recommended product

Speciality oils
Brayco 815Z

Brayco 814
Speciality greases
Braycote 600 EF 

Braycote 601 EF 

Braycote 602 EF 

Braycote Micronic 700 

Braycote Micronic 1613 
Microcote 296
Speciality military specification greases
Braycote 804 

Braycote 806
Speciality cleaners and solvents
Fluoroclean HE 

Fluoroclean X-100