Technology Center

Wherever you are in the world, Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are on hand to provide the specialist technology advice to make a difference to you and your operations.

As a truly global company, Castrol knows only too well the incredibly important role that technology plays in all of our lives. That’s why we have a team of Liquid Engineers based across 18 different countries worldwide and an expert reach that spreads to many more. We pride ourselves on recruiting talented and diverse people who understand the specific requirements of the countries in which we do business and the communities where we are based. 

Our various sites enables us to offer innovative, highly specialized services throughout various regions and deliver exceptional, long-term customer support by engaging closely with customers. They have substantial on-site facilities between them, including analytical labs, fluid-blending facilities, workshops and many other valuable resources.

Our global network of technology centers enable pioneering research and development of lubricants, plus technical support for our customers. Our main areas of focus include providing quality assurance and effective technical support to customers, supporting the activities of our global distributors and customers locally, and engineering advanced fluids for the specific needs of our local manufacturers.

Even in a globalised world, a little local knowledge is always essential, so our local specialists make it easy for customers and distributors to engage with our capabilities – giving you exceptional local support, safe in the knowledge that you also have a world-class technology organization backing you up.

Our richly experienced and expert Liquid Engineers are our greatest asset, forming part of a globally distributed group of highly skilled chemists, engineers and other specialized staff. 

Our talented and diverse team of Liquid Engineers are committed not only to providing you with excellent service but also to helping you try and maintain the highest levels of quality, environmental, and health and safety management, with many technology centers certified against internationally recognized standards.

The full range of capabilities that are available within our global technology organization can be accessed through any of our thirteen individual Technology Centers:
  • Pangbourne, United Kingdom - Formulating automotive fuels; automotive, marine and energy lubricants, and delivering technical support for lubricants. The site also manages Global Product Stewardship activities for the wider Group.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa - Providing technical services for automotive fuels.
  • Neuhof, Germany - Developing lubricants for gearboxes, axles, clutches and othr driveline applications.
  • Gelsenkirchen, Germany - Castrol’s central bitumen laboratory, responsible for the development and support of bitumen products.
  • Bochum, Germany - Offering advanced performance testing facilities to support automotive fuel development, as well as providing fuels quality, market and technical support.
  • Mönchengladbach, Germany - Formulating specialized industrial products.
  • Turin, Italy - Providing technical services for industrial lubricants.
  • Naperville, USA - Developing aviation lubricants and providing technical servies for fuels, industrial lubricants and bitumen. The site also manages Global Product Stewardship activities for the wider Group.
  • Wayne, USA - Developing automotive lubricant components and offering regional technical support.
  • Huntington Beach, USA - Providing technical services and research and development for coke.
  • Nagoya, Japan - Providing technical services for automotive and industrial lubricants.
  • Shanghai, China - Providing technical services for automotive,industrial and marine lubricants.
  • Wadala, Mumbai - Providing technical services for automotive and industrial lubricants.