Engine Oils


A high performance engine oil designed for use in diesel tractor and other farm  machinery engines, both turbocharged and naturally aspirated.  It is particularly recommended for mixed fleet farming operations covering most US, European and Japanese technology engines. It is also suitable for a wide variety of engine types including diesel powered trucks and petrol powered cars and utility vehicles. Castrol Agri Power Plus 15W-40 is a balanced formulation which exceeds the API CI-4 diesel and the API SL petrol engine specification. 


Castrol Agri MP Plus is a quality multi-purpose oil suitable for us in a wide range of applications on the farm. It has been developed specifically to deliver performance and protection for engines, transmissions, wet brakes, hydraulics and front axles. 


Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 CJ-4 is the latest in lubricant technology, a full synthetic heavy duty diesel oil specifically engineered to maximise fuel saving from engines. Coupled with high quality full-synthetic base stock, Castrol Vecton Fuel Saver 5W-30 CJ-4 minimises internal drag within the engine, delivering real world fuel savings – up to 4%*

* Compared to 15W-40 mineral oil.

VECTON 15W-40 CJ-4/E9

Castrol Vecton 15W-40 CJ-4 E9 is an advanced diesel engine oil that maximises engine performance in the latest US, European and Japanese heavy-duty diesel engines including severe applications such as high loads and multi-trailer operations.

RX PLUS 15W-40

New and advanced Castrol RX Plus™ 15W-40 with specially engineered DuraShield™ Boosters gives you up to 40% less wear for longer engine life (based on engine cam wear performance vs API CJ-4 industry limits). Recommended by Castrol for use in all naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines.


Castrol RX Super 15W-40 designed for mixed fleets without DPF’s.  Improved performance over API CI-4 oils in 3 key areas:
Better wear control through greater soot loading capability.
More base reserve (TBN) to meet requirements of EGR engines and more viscosity control to reduce oil thickening.


Castrol RX Mono 30 is a heavy duty monograde medium ash engine oils formulated from highly refined mineral base oils. Contains modern additives designed to provide excellent engine protection in a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines operating under varying climatic conditions.


Castrol RX Mono DD40 and 50 are superior low ash, heavy duty diesel engine oils. Castrol RX Mono DD40 and 50 have been specifically designed to lubricate Detroit Diesel two-stroke diesel engines in addition to other manufacturers’ engines where Monograde engine oils are recommended.