Antifreeze And Coolants

Antifreeze and coolants role in maintaining maximum engine performance is extremely important. The life of an engine, particularly high performance diesel engines, can be shortened or suffer damage, by not using the right antifreeze/coolant and not maintaining the correct levels in the cooling system.
Castrol’s antifreeze/coolant range includes the approved and latest technology products offering outstanding protection and longer engine life.


An antifreeze concentrate coolant formulated using hybrid technology for the modern performance engines of cars and trucks.

Castrol Radicool NF has been developed to meet the growing demand from engine and vehicle manufacturers for a higher performance coolant that minimises environmental impact. It provides excellent protection against corrosion, and because it contains no phosphate, the problems of deposits in some modern performance engines are eliminated.

This coolant should be used at concentrations of between 33 % and 50% dilution with purified water to give optimum corrosion protection and freezing protection between -18°C and -36 °C.


A general purpose ethylene glycol based coolant with corrosion inhibitors to protect aluminium alloys, copper and cast iron engine components.

Suitable for the majority of cars and light commercial vehicles with petrol and diesel engines. Has an in-vehicle service life of 4 years / 250,000 kilometres.

Mix with equal parts of water for optimum performance.