Greases are preferable in cases where oils cannot be used because grease stays in place, forming a 'protective shield'. There are many different technologies available for use under different circumstances. Often trucks and buses can be subject to a challenging environment such as a heavy load, dirt and water where critical parts can only be protected by a grease layer.
Castrol’s choice of greases range from multipurpose to the special greases with Castrol technology providing outstanding protection and longer component life, under demanding conditions, and keeping your vehicle on the road longer.

Castrol® Fifth Wheel Grease

Castrol® Fifth Wheel Grease is designed to provide protection and extend the life of fifth wheel plates. Fifth wheels, which typically experience extreme fretting or the removal of finely divided metal particles from rubbing surfaces, require a grease that stays in place under all weather and operating conditions. Castrol Fifth Wheel Grease meets this challenge head on.

Castrol® Pyroplex™ Protection ES

Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES is a specially formulated synthetic, lithium complex grease designed for extended service performance in challenging on–highway applications. Its unique inhibitor additive system provides maximum protection against rust, oxidation and corrosion. When performance is challenged in severe corrosive environments, Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES not only resists rust and corrosion, but provides unmatched protection, for moving parts reducing component wear and promoting longer equipment and lubricant life. Its inherent flow properties across wide temperature ranges make Castrol Pyroplex Protection ES ideal for automatic lubrication systems on mobile equipment.

Castrol® HD Lithium

Castrol offers HD Lithium greases in NLGI 00, 0 and 2 consistencies. 

Castrol® SHL 00

Castrol SHL 00 is a synthetic, semi–fluid NLGI 00 grease that combines the stay–put power of a grease with the consistency of a gear lubricant.