Truck and Bus Engine Oils


The Castrol Tection™ range of products contains quality mineral diesel engine oils, formulated to give vehicles a high level of engine protection throughout the service interval. Their applications span trucks, buses, LCVs, off-road vehicles and equipment and agricultural machinery.


The Castrol Elixion™  range consists of SAE 5W–30 synthetic engine oils, formulated for maximum fuel efficiency in on-road applications. Through real-world testing, by real fleets and under a variety of conditions, Castrol Elixion™ has been proven to deliver real world fuel economy benefits versus conventional 15W-40 and 10W-40 oils—all without compromising engine protection.
Strong claims require strong evidence, and at Castrol, we’ve spent the past five years developing a range of products that deliver true fuel-economy performance. We’ve also developed an advanced method for proving that performance to our customers and to ourselves, time and time again. 

Castrol Elixion™ can be used in virtually all trucks, buses and coaches regardless of manufacturer and age.


Here’s the bottom line: An extended maintenance plan for your fleet will save time and money. Vehicles spending less time in the shop are more productive. And huge savings can be realized in labour costs, too, whether your preventative maintenance is done in-house or outsourced. 

The Castrol Hypuron™ range of products are formulated to achieve maximum drains, safely allowing fleets to run extended drain intervals whether over-the-road or off-road and vocational applications. 

Need proof? Since their launch, the Castrol Hypuron™ portfolio has amassed over one billion miles of on-road use and 0 million hours in off-road/vocational use. Mile after mile, Castrol Hypuron™ has been proven again and again, creating millions of dollars of efficiencies for fleet operators.


Castrol Duratec™  natural-gas engine oils perform under a wide range of temperatures and surpass key performance requirements for both on- and off-road applications.


Castrol AssuronTM  are high-performance, straight-grade, heavy-duty engine oils that couple selected base stocks with a carefully balanced additive package. Castrol AssuronTM , by design, will help enhance engine performance and protect engine parts for extended life and reduced maintenance costs. Castrol AssuronTM  has proven performance in various on- and off-highway heavy-duty diesel engines, particularly in applications requiring API CF–2.