World Class Services

Castrol can help you to stay competitive in a complex market.

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers have developed a wide range of services designed to support your operations and help enhance productivity. We work with you to find bespoke solutions tailored to your individual needs.

Our portfolio includes training and knowledge that draws on the experience of experts who have years of technical knowledge across international markets. Our Liquid Engineers share this via training to help upskill your staff and equip them with enhanced lubricants knowledge, as well as ensure you are confident about how our products work, and which of these products are the most appropriate for your applications.

Our technical support is also comprehensive. Our Liquid Engineers can offer assistance when it comes to selecting the right products, maintaining optimal fluid performance and recommending improvements through the use of application-performance surveys. We can also help with product and Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) training to help spread best practice, lubricant monitoring and management programmes, to help ensure machines are operating efficiently, as well as advising ways in which you can maximise equipment life and manage critical situations.

Fluid Management Solutions can help customers to avoid unnecessary system changeovers and machinery failures, which can improve productivity and performance. The range includes waste-reduction programmes, activity scheduling and project management.

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