Working to enhance your Health, Safety and Environmental profile is at the heart of everything we do.

Our aim is to develop and deliver products to the highest standards of quality and safety, whilst also providing supportive customer service.

Health, safety and environmental (HSE) requirements are at the forefront of our approach.  
Our Liquid Engineers provide a range of services to support this area, from easy access to safety data sheets to workplace safety training.

We also aim to help you eliminate or minimise the risks you and your workforce are exposed to when using lubricants, which is why we’re continually working to identify and evaluate health, safety and environmental hazards at all stages of the life cycle.

Whether its research and development, manufacturing, storage, transport, retail, recycling or disposal, our guidance and advice goes beyond minimum legislative requirements and helps ensure you comply with ever-changing requirements.

We’re here to ensure that our lubricants and technologies help you to achieve your ecological targets in a number of ways. We aim to optimise your processes and assist you in implementing your environmental protection policies.

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in some of our most recent innovations and acquisitions, demonstrating our consistent focus on improving the HSE profile of our customers. 

Safety first

Our overarching goal is zero incidents and injuries, within our company and within yours. A key part of this is making sure that you are able to identify and understand the potential hazards connected with lubricants. With Castrol, you can rely on being given up-to-date information and practical guidelines on the safe handling of our products.

Customer safety screening

We offer advice on safety procedures when handling lubricants and fluids, helping you to minimise risks when it comes to the safety of your workforce. 

Our product labelling and safety data sheets (SDSs) help ensure you’ll always have the necessary information available when it comes to the potential hazards and risks associated with our products and safe handling advice. The legislative requirements that apply in the global markets in which we operate are constantly changing, but at Castrol we’re up to date. 

Download the latest safety data sheets from this site. They are subject to change and revision, so please return to this website regularly to ensure that you view the latest version.