Subsea Control Fluids

Globally available subsea control fluids, underpinned by a deep understanding of subsea applications, operating parameters and your need to improve system reliability.

Castrol subsea control fluids are developed to function and mitigates such risks as contamination, high operational temperatures and pressures, ensuring that the fluids won’t break down under the extreme conditions within the system.
We run an extensive material compatibility and functional testing program in simulated field conditions. Testing beyond ISO standards allows us to gain major industry OEM approvals and qualification. 

Transaqua Range

Water based subsea production control fluids
Designed for both open and closed loop subsea production systems.  

Brayco Micronic Range

Synthetic subsea production control fluids and  barrier fluids.
Formulated for use in closed loop subsea production systems and in applications where a high performance barrier fluid is required.