Gain a natural advantage with plant-based neat oils


Get a natural advantage with Performance Bio NC fluids

Metalworkers face compromises every day – especially when it comes to metalworking fluids. The choices are many, but so too are the trade-offs. For every advance in cutting performance, there may be an added health and safety risk or price premium to pay.

That is, until Castrol introduced its new Performance Bio NC products. Comprising four different plant-based formulations, this enhanced technology offers an excellent combination of oxidation stability* and high flash point* performance coupled with low misting and smoking properties**. 

Laboratory based testing and anecdotal field trial data suggests that many of the compromises often presented by traditional mineral neat oils may be reduced by Performance Bio NC fluids. We recommend that you take a look at the research, tools and expert analysis contained within this site to determine whether Performance Bio NC fluids could present you with a natural advantage. 


Showing better oxidation stability* than comparable neat oils of a similar viscosity and chemistry, Performance Bio NC fluids promote longer oil life; so retaining their performance for longer. 


Longer performing oils* mean extended tool life**, less maintenance** and better quality outputs** – lifetime cost benefits that could add up to much more than any short term unit cost savings.


High flash points* and low mist and smoke properties** help enhance the working environment, making it possible to address safety concerns while pursuing exceptional lubricant performance.

Performance Quick Guide

Your fast track to all the in-use performance benefits now possible with a plant-based product.

Value Quick Guide

Save time and save more by using this digestible format to understand the potential lifetime value delivered by the latest bio technologies. 

Safety Quick Guide

Take a whistle-stop tour of what an enhanced working environment could look like with lubricants that promote better air quality, cleaner plants and help to improve productivity**. 

Performance Whitepaper

Performance Bio NC fluids have been put to the test. Laboratory reports and customer feedback support Castrol’s performance claims.

Value Whitepaper

Oxidation stability tests confirm longer oil life*, while customers report less frequent changeovers** and extended tool life**. Examine the evidence and consider the whole life cost savings to your operation. 

Safety Whitepaper

Research and development has set a new benchmark in high performance cutting oils that cut the compromise when it comes to worker safety. Explore what this breakthrough means to the world’s metalworking professionals.
*Performance Bio NC cutting fluids were tested using standard industry methodology to assess the oxidation stability and flash point of each grade in the range against existing Castrol and competitive mineral and plant-based products of a similar grade and viscosity. 
** Based on feedback received from Castrol customers in the USA using Performance Bio NC fluids.