Once seen as a necessary evil, industrial cleaning has become a crucial element of the value chain within many industrial manufacturing processes.

In recent years, cleanliness requirements have increased significantly to guarantee accurate quality, functionality and lifespan of parts and components, and to facilitate optimum surfaces for subsequent treatments such as heat treatment or coatings.

Castrol offers you a comprehensive range of world-class industrial cleaners and product support services that will help you to:
  • Achieve more reliable cleanliness of finished parts
  • Improve Health and Safety and reliability performance
  • Boost productivity through reduced scrap rates
  • Lower your cleaning costs
Our range of user-friendly and environmentally responsible industrial cleaners offer you the choice of:

Hydrocarbon Solvent Cleaners

Specially formulated with selected hydrocarbons, delivering excellent solvency for mineral oils, fats, greases and other soils typically found in manufacturing.

Aqueous Process Cleaners

Allow flexibility of choice in delivering cleaning performance, depending on the equipment to be used.

Maintenance Cleaners

Maintenance Cleaners are divided into two categories: 
  • Industrial Floor Cleaners – liquid alkaline degreasing and cleaning solutions for cleaning industrial floors
  • Machine Tool/System Cleaners – light-to-heavy-duty machine tool cleaners and disinfectants.
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