Castrol Alusol XBB

Aluminium Machining Without Compromise

There are many demands on Maintenance and Production Managers. Hitting increasingly high production targets builds pressure to refine schedules and reduce downtime. 

Maintenance and Production Managers deal with compromise on a daily basis. Productivity balanced with maintenance. Biocide use balanced with health and safety requirements. pH stability balanced with fluid maintenance.

Cutting fluids need particular care and attention to keep them in good working condition, to avoid poor sump life, increased additive usage, bacterial or fungal infections, bad odours and unpleasant working environments and, ultimately, high rejection rates of machined aluminium components.

To overcome these problems, traditional cutting fluids contain boron and formaldehyde releasing agents. However, the inclusion of these chemicals is increasingly at odds with health and safety regulation.

It’s an ongoing balancing act. 

Now you can Cut the Compromise

Castrol’s technical experts have developed a unique technology to help overcome these conflicting challenges.

Castrol Alusol SL 51 XBB has been proven to maintain pH at a constant level and assure constant productivity for longer than other standard aluminium cutting fluids*, and has been shown to neutralise up to 33% more acidic material**. So it provides an extended fluid life, meaning fewer interventions and reduced downtime.

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Most importantly, Castrol Alusol SL 51 XBB is boron and biocide free – can help improving operator conditions, and your health and safety profile.  

Castrol Alusol XBB delivers Precision Performance in Aluminium Machining without compromising your productivity. It is ideal for multipurpose machining of aluminium alloys and low-medium alloyed steel, suitable for both large central systems and single sump machines.
* Proven in lab tests and seen in real production conditions. **based on titrating 9 fluids until a pH of 8.5 is reached. (download our Castrol Alusol XBB brochure)