Turbine Varnishing Prevention

The Castrol solution to varnishing is centred upon Castrol Perfecto XPG, a high performance turbine oil which incorporates the latest in lubricant technology and takes lubrication and protection of the plant to a new level.

The Castrol Perfecto XPG turbine oil is based on leading edge, yet well-proven technology. Robust and high performing product has the ability to maintain extremely low levels of total insolubles, resulting in a low sludging propensity. This leads to a high degree of system cleanliness and freedom from varnishing of servo-valve components. 

Castrol Perfecto XPG offers extreme resistance to varnishing due to: 
  • The exceptionally low level of insoluble material generated by the oil in service;
  • The superior solubility characteristics of the highly refined base oil, ensuring that products of degradation are held safely in solution; and
  • The nature of generated degradation products not readily leading to the formation of varnish
Other key advantages include:
  • Enhanced thermal and oxidation performance;
  • Latest technology, carefully balanced multi-component antioxidant system achieving enhanced oxidative performance with low total antioxidant level;
  • Excellent solubility characteristics of base oil towards additives ensuring an extremely stable product; and
  • A high degree of system cleanliness
Our Castrol Perfecto XPG turbine lubricant is recommended for use in industrial gas turbines, especially under arduous service conditions of high operating temperatures and intermittent running or 'peaking' duty, providing superior reliability in operation and long service life. 

Castrol Perfecto XPG is particularly beneficial where exceptionally low tendency to form insolubles, sludge and varnish, together with high oxidation resistance and long service life, are key requirements. It possesses superior air release performance, good resistance to foaming and excellent water separation properties. 

Castrol Perfecto XPG exceeds the requirements of GEK 32568 (applicable to GE 'F', 'FA' and 'FB' technology units – e.g. Frame 7F, 7FA, etc.), GEK 101941 (applicable to 'F' technology units with enhanced FZG requirement for load gearboxes) and also meets the more stringent requirements of GEK 107395.