Metal Goods

Castrol’s Liquid Engineers understand that components producers are under a strong market pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity and efficiency.

In parallel, health, safety and environment performance, like waste reduction or recycling, has to be improved continuously. 

We know that high quality standards are required, with the highest demands placed on surface quality, tolerance and cleanliness levels. 

We recognise that the demand for metal products is affected by varying needs in customer industries. The production of industrial equipment can vary by 10% to 20% per year and spending in the aerospace, automotive, and construction sectors is volatile.

In terms of manufacturing materials, new metal alloys with desirable physical properties allow manufacturers to upgrade existing products and introduce new ones. Such alloys have been useful for products that must operate in extreme conditions – such as inside engines and in cooling applications. However, the use of new materials requires a large prior investment in engineering and testing.

Furthermore, as machinery and other products become more sophisticated in function and design, the parts used to build them typically also become more complicated, requiring more engineering and tighter manufacturing specifications. Manufacturers who invest in modern fabricating technology can increase market share.

For example, new rapid prototyping methods produce delicate parts good for sizing and ergonomic studies. Lasers have increasing applications in metal parts manufacturing, such as laser cutters used in sheet metal industries. Similarly, new fabrication technology for metal parts, like laser-assisted arc welding, can rapidly produce part molds directly from CAD files, thus bypassing the traditional need for tooling. New metal casting technology can reduce the time from initial design to production, but they come at a cost and with new application challenges.

To meet all of these challenges, the selection of oil supplier is key.  Castrol has expertise in all applications within the automotive component manufacturing process chain – from cutting and grinding to forming, cleaning, heat treatment and corrosion protection. Our Liquid Engineers can help you to reach your goals and maximise your productivity.

Castrol has a strong relation to the leading Machine Tool OEMs, and has developed and approved a wide range of lubricants to fulfil all required machine specifications and requirements.

We will help to deliver reliability, consistency and economic competitiveness in a demanding and constantly developing market.


Recommended Products

Cutting & Grinding of all metals


This Castrol soluble cutting fluid range has been mainly developed to overcome the modern demanding lubrication properties of aluminium cutting operations. It helps to prevent tool wear, build up edge as well as insure material compatibility to meet your required surface quality and tool life.


This robust Castrol soluble cutting fluid range based on advanced technology meets lubrication,  corrosion protection and system life requirements for advanced ferrous alloy cutting operations.


This Castrol soluble cutting fluid range has been designed to meet your requirements for wide range of ferrous alloys cutting processes.


This Castrol soluble and neat cutting fluid range based on advanced biodegradable ester technology has been developed to meet highest demanding lubrication properties to maintain high surface finish and dimensional accuracy.


Castrol’s versatile range of synthetic coolants will satisfy your machining requirements from grinding and honing up to broaching operation. Regarding reduction of coolant use, waste cost can be reduced and HSE performance cam be improved. 


Our range of neat oils, suitable for honing and super finishing operations, is compatible with majority of all metals. With effective flushing and lubrication properties Honilo extends honing stone life, whilst maintaining high surface finish and dimensional accuracy.


This complete Castrol range of neat oils, based on highly refined base oil and modern proven technology without chlorine has been designed to meet your metalworking requirements from rough to finish machining.


This Castrol neat oil range based proven additive technology helps to match your productivity and performance targets.


This Castrol neat cutting fluid range based on plant based ester and synthetic mineral oil technology has been developed to reduce mist and smoke as well as to help you to meet your productivity and performance targets.

Forming of all metals


Our extensive Iloform range of world-class forming fluids can enhance component quality, improve your HSE performance, increase productivity and reduce your process costs.

Minimum Quantity Lubrication MQL


Castrol’s Hyspray range of soluble coolants feature optimum corrosion protection properties for minimum quantity lubrication for aluminium and ferrous alloys.

Cleaning of all metals


Castrol’s Techniclean range is recommended by our Automotive Manufacturing Experts for use within aqueous process cleaners for aluminium and ferrous alloys.

Corrosion Protection on Ferrous alloys


Our portfolio of corrosion preventives includes the Rustilo range of user friendly and environmentally responsible products.  

Heat Treatment on ferrous alloys


With consistent quenching performance and versatility, Iloquench offers long service life and clean surfaces, free of stains, patch, sports and marbling.