Our Liquid Engineers are available to give you trusted advice to help to optimise the performance and reliability of your Oil & Gas operations and ensure they run smoothly in a safer and more sustainable manner.

Having developed our products and services to meet the specific needs of the Oil & Gas industry, we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face.
Our Liquid Engineers come from a range of backgrounds within the industry and have decades of on-hand experience in subsea, offshore and onshore sectors as well as in chemistry and lubricant development. Castrol are members of industry organisations and bodies, we participate in all key international and regional industry conferences, keeping our finger on the pulse of industry trends, opportunities, new OEM innovations, legislation changes and many more. We use this consolidated knowledge and the voice of our customers to develop advanced performance lubricants and services to match ever-changing and challenging industry needs. Based on our vast expertise we offer you expert technical, operational and purchasing advice.
Our solutions help our customers make informed buying decisions now and in the future. We help you find the right products to suit your specific needs and within your budget. We also help you implement these products across new technologies and help you maintain relationships with Castrol’s network to help ensure products are delivered on time wherever they’re needed.

With experience in developing products for extreme environments and applications, we can also offer support on high-performance, high-temperature and pressure, high- and low-density lubricants, and products that will be suitable for Arctic and Alaskan conditions.