Castrol’s Liquid Engineers provide advice you can trust on products designed to help improve the performance and reliability of turbochargers operating under severe conditions.

Castrol is determined to improve and enhance the performance and reliability of marine turbochargers, which is why we continue to learn about the stresses your turbochargers are exposed to. This continuous knowledge development, combined with the creation of products, helps to extend lubricant life and improve your operations. 

Our experts are in a position to offer trusted advice on how you can improve performance using our range of products, such as Castrol Aircol SR - a synthetic, high-performance lubricant. This has specific water separation properties to reduce the risk of forming emulsions that could block the oil separator, and has better oxidation stability compared to conventional, mineral oil based lubricants. 

Alternatively, Castrol Aircol SN has the potential to deliver superior oxidation stability, and has excellent high-temperature performance compared to a conventional mineral oil.

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