Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are here to help you find the right products so you can protect against the risk of damage to gearboxes.

We understand the demands of the marine environment on your equipment and the risk associated with poor gear oil performance. That’s why we offer advice alongside our oil products that help to minimise risk and increase the reliability and performance of your key equipment, be it main gearboxes, fuel separators, cranes or winches. 

We have developed high-performance synthetic oils that give outstanding gear protection when compared to conventional mineral oils, thus helping to increase reliability and minimising the costs of spare parts and labour. Moreover, ranges with exceptional anti-wear protection have been developed for machinery operating at higher temperatures and under heavy loads. 

For the evolving demands of smaller and higher-output gearboxes we have a range of products with a high load-carrying capacity and high resistance to scuffing and micro-pitting. In addition our Liquid Engineers have used “Clean Gear” technology with specific water-separation and demulsification characteristics.

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