Cylinder Oils

Castrol’s comprehensive range of cylinder oils, coupled with specialist advice from our Liquid Engineers means we can provide the right protection for your vessel to keep it moving under demanding operating conditions.

In today’s complex marine world, the challenges of effective cylinder lubrication have become greater than ever before. Castrol’s Liquid Engineers are here to help you navigate your way through this changing world, with clear and simple advice on which products can help provide the highest level of engine protection under the most severe operating conditions.

We understand the challenges of slow steaming, varying fuel sulphur levels, feed-rate optimisation, and how an imbalance between feed rate, fuel sulphur and lubricant Base Number (BN) can lead to costly engine damage. Getting this right is not easy, but our experts are on hand to help you achieve the right balance and to control the risks of cylinder liner and piston-ring damage. 

At Castrol we pride ourselves on our wide range of cylinder lubricants, covering the full range of base numbers required to provide protection against corrosive wear or deposit formation. We can help you choose the right one to match your vessel’s operating conditions and protect its engine. However and wherever you operate, there’s a Castrol Cyltech solution to deliver the optimum protection your engines depend on.

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