Castrol recognises that it’s more important than ever to take environmental responsibility seriously, which is why our Liquid Engineers have developed products that will help you to improve your environmental credentials and protect the seas in which you operate.

The world depends on its oceans. For the marine industry, they represent a way to transport raw materials, goods and people around the globe. For the planet, they regulate the earth's climate and provide a home for millions of species. The marine industry has a responsibility to protect the oceans on which it operates. This is why Castrol are proud of the stern tube and thruster lubricants, hydraulic fluids and greases we have designed to help to protect seas and vessels alike. Our marine solutions are designed to withstand the daily challenges of life at sea, but when it comes to spillages and disposal, they’re an environmentally responsible option for your crew, and for the marine life sharing the seas with you.

Our lubricants have improved environmental performance in comparison to conventional mineral based oils.
Our Liquid Engineers will give you the support, advice and solutions you need to meet and even exceed your environmental responsibilities, now and in the future. Castrol BioBar, BioStat and BioTac product ranges are OSPAR registered and fully compliant with US 2013 VGP.

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