CAREMAX™ Hydraulic – Specialist Hydraulic Analysis

Our Liquid Engineers developed CAREMAX™ Hydraulic as part of a preventative maintenance programme that can help maintain the lubricant cleanliness and quality.

Hydraulic oil cleanliness is vital. Using Castrol’s CAREMAX™ Hydraulic service as part of a preventative maintenance programme can help you to reduce system downtime, increase service life and reduce maintenance and labour costs.

Like you, we know that hydraulic system failures are related either directly or indirectly to particulate contamination of hydraulic oil, and that critical hydraulic systems benefit greatly from a range of specific tests to check for cleanliness and system component wear.

Our Liquid Engineers recognise these challenges, and Castrol CAREMAX™ Hydraulic is designed to span a range of services, including Particle Counting, Ferrometric Wear Severity Index, Micro Filtration, Viscosity, Water Content, Acidity and Key Elemental Analysis.

This analysis is delivered in easy-to-read reports that contain an overall summary of the condition of the oil and equipment, and we help you identify the likely source and type of component wear in your operations.

Contact us if you would like more information about the CAREMAX™ Hydraulic service, or to discuss the benefits with one of our experts.