CAREMAX™ Services

Fleet owners, ship operators and managers around the world trust Castrol CAREMAX™ Used Oil Analysis Services to help them protect the operational reliability on which they depend.

CAREMAX, Castrol’s laboratory analysis of used oil samples, helps to optimise and maintain lubricant performance, maximise the reliability of engines and shipboard machinery and protect the performance and profitability of vessels and fleets. 

Our Liquid Engineers help you stay one step ahead of potential downtime with Used Oil Analysis data supported by expert commentaries, all based on your specific vessel/fleet history, lubricant performance and formulations. 

CAREMAX is a key component to help prevent unscheduled downtime, unnecessary repairs and maintenance through pre-emptive remedial action.

CAREMAX™ In Lab, our five carefully designed lab-based programmes:

  • CAREMAX™ Oil Monitor: advanced lubricating oil analysis: A laboratory-based analysis service that provides expert insight into vessel oil condition to maximise the lubricant and the performance of engines and machinery.
  • CAREMAX™ Cylinder Oil Monitor: Make valuable efficiency decisions and enhance operational reliability using Caremax cylinder oil monitor, an advanced solution developed by our Liquid Engineers.
  • CAREMAX™ Stern Tube: specialist stern tube oil analysis: A test of key parameters such as viscosity, water content, acidity and key elemental analysis to allow the deferral of tail-shaft inspections.
  • CAREMAX™ Hydraulic: specialist hydraulic analysis: A preventative maintenance programme designed to ensure oil cleanliness and help customers reduce system downtime, maintenance and labour costs, and increase service life.
  • CAREMAX™ Machinery Health Monitor: An oil-analysis service to monitor overall machinery condition and provide significant benefits to ships’ engineers.

CAREMAX™ Onboard: our onboard test kits:

  • CAREMAX™ Lube Oil Test Kit: Using Castrol’s on-board lube oil test kit allows ships’ engineers to make an immediate assessment of the lubricant’s condition and determine if corrective action is required.
  • CAREMAX™ Water Test Kit: A ‘pressure cell type’ piece of equipment designed to meet the challenges associated with water contamination in lubricants, and to help you maintain and protect your equipment and prevent damage.


CAREMAX™ ONLINE provides a number of significant benefits that help maximise the value from your lubricants.
  • Castrol’s fast, user-friendly, powerful and value-adding online tool delivering CAREMAX™ Oil Monitor results, Lubrication Schedules, Product Data Sheets and MSDS, all accessed at the touch of a button. View the demonstration

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